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Montmorillonite Linear Vibrating Screen

Montmorillonite is a kind of desiccant, which is mainly composed of natural montmorillonite mineral raw materials. Its production process first makes montmorillonite into granules between 0.5-4mm through granulation equipment, and then controls the moisture content at Below 3%, the final screening is through a vibrating screen, generally divided into two specifications of 0.5-1mm and 1-4mm. Sometimes by increasing the number of layers of the vibrating screen according to different needs, more specifications can be divided, the most commonly used is linear vibrating screen.

We have received a desiccant manufacturer's consultation on vibratory screening equipment in order to classify the granulated and dried montmorillonite. The mesh is 0.5mm, 1mm, 4mm, the expected processing capacity is 1t/h, and the specific gravity is 2kg/ m³, the main screening purpose is to divide montmorillonite into two specifications of 0.5-1mm and 1-4mm and pack them separately. In addition, the fine powder below 0.5mm is removed, and a small part of montmorillonite above 4mm is returned to granulation.

The customer is recommended to use the 1020-3P linear vibrating screen through the situation, the number of layers is 3, the steel mesh frame is used, the 4mm mesh is made of manganese steel braided mesh, which is more wear-resistant, the remaining two layers are made of stainless steel mesh, and the screen machine uses about 5°, The inclination of the sieve surface is more convenient for the 4mm sieve to discharge the material and reduce the clogging.

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