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Mexico oregano ultrasonic sieve

On 8th, February, 2016, we received a Mexico client's message and he told us he want a better machine for screening his oregano powder.
1. The client details
This Mexico client is a condiment producer, who had bought two machines for screening oregano. But he told us that two machines cannot sieve the oregano completely and the mesh hole had been blocked all the way. So he found us and wanted another machine to sieve the material thoroughly without block on the screen cloth hole.
2. The material details
The oregano is a perennial herb, which distributes at mediterranean region, Central Asia, North Africa and our countries' most areas. The oregano can be used for medicine and condiment. As a cooking condiment, the oregano would be aired and grinded, which is an indispensable condiment in Mexican cooking. When used in medicine, the oregano could be used for sunstroke-prevention-detoxifcation, fever, headache and emesis.

3. The distinctive features of ultrasonic sieve
(1). No block on mesh: This machine could really solve the problem of oregano's adsorbability and block because of under the function of ultrasonic wave.
(2). No properties changing: Because of ultrasonic vibration, the oregano's properties would not be changed.
(3). High-precision sieving: This machine could solve the problem that the previous machine cannot sieve thoroughly in a high precision because of the high mesh screening.
(4). Self-cleaning function: This ultrasonic sieve could clean the screen frame automatically when it is working, because the high-frequency vibration on the screen surface.

4. How about our service ?
Before sale:
(1). Guide client to choose the suitable machine.
(2). Introduce the using method and maters need attention.
After sale:
(1). Guarantee the client to change a new motor if it damaged in 13 moths.
(2). Regular feedback: The technology department would help to solve the problem in using.
Reward to feedback
(1). The client would get bonus points if they send back the operation pictures and videos.
(2). According to the bonus points, they would get free spares in next ordering.