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Linear Vibrating Screen for Coal Powder Screening

With the continuous expansion of the factory and the improvement of workshop production efficiency, the output of pulverized coal screening is also increasing. The selection of screening machines has also changed from the traditional circular vibrating screen to the linear screen. The reasons are as follows:

The pulverized coal vibrating screen uses dual vibrating motors as the excitation source. Under the dual action of the motor and its own gravity on the screen surface, the material moves forward in a straight line on the screen surface to achieve the effect of screening and removing impurities. Due to the relatively light specific gravity and high fineness of the pulverized coal, a fully-sealed design is selected when producing the screening machine, which can prevent the dust from escaping well and conform to the concept of environmental protection.

Characteristics of coal powder vibrating screen
1. Prevent dust from escaping and meet environmental protection requirements.
2. Due to the different screening materials, the grid structure adopts a new type of steel grid.
3. Low price, low maintenance cost, saving workshop cost.

The pulverized coal linear vibrating screen can be used not only in the coal industry, but also in other chemical industries.

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