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Lab Sieve Shaker in Anhydrous Sodium Sulphate

In laboratory, research institutions and other places, laboratory shakers are usually used to classify and classify anhydrous sodium sulphate samples according to requirements, which is what we call anhydrous sodium sulphate particle size detection sieve. Powder particle size detection sieve is mainly composed of laboratory standard shaker and different meshes. The test sieve is a small laboratory-specific shaker with a diameter of 200. It is suitable for 200-diameter screens. The equipment has timing Device, users can adjust the use time, set automatic shutdown and other functions.

The commonly used model is Φ200mm * 50mm, that is, the screen frame is 200mm in diameter and the screen height is 50mm. The diameter of the screen frame can also be customized to 300mm and 400mm. The screen and the screen frame are welded and can withstand high temperatures of 400 °. Organic solution. The connection is firm and seamless, without pinching. All standard screens are interchangeable and consistent. The same sieve in different periods ensures the same mesh. The same sieve in different periods ensures the same mesh. According to the experience of vibrating screen manufacturers in cooperation with powder industry, the required mesh sizes of powder particle size testing sieve are 18 mesh, 20 mesh, 45 mesh, 50 mesh, 100 mesh, 120 mesh, 140 mesh, 170 Mesh, 200 mesh, 230 mesh, 270 mesh, 11 in total.