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Iron Walnut Kernel Linear Vibrating Screen

The iron walnut is crushed by a pulverizer to obtain walnut shells, walnut kernels and walnut kernel powder after crushing. Among them, large pieces of walnut shells and walnut kernels need to be sieved through a vibrating screen and then enter the pulverizer again for pulverization.

Recently, we have a customer asked about the sieving of iron walnut kernels. The customer wants to separate the walnut kernels with a size of 5mm-8mm. After the customer understands our vibrating screen, combined with the customer's factory space, we recommend us to the customer DZSF-520-2s linear vibrating screen, the mesh size used is 5mm and 8mm.

In the screening process, customers are more concerned about whether the screen will be blocked during the long screening process.

The smaller the mesh, the easier it is to block, and the walnut powder itself has a certain oiliness, so there is no guarantee that the screen is not completely blocked. Therefore, we add bouncing balls to our customers under the net frame to clear the net, which can effectively alleviate the blockage of the mesh.
We have a variety of vibrating screens to process customer materials, welcome to consult.

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