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Insulation Sand Linear Vibrating Sifter Machine

The production process of thermal insulation mortar: feeding-conveying-drying-screening-conveying-storage-weighing-bagging. The use of screening equipment is indispensable in the production process. Normally, linear vibrating screen is used to sieve the insulation sand.

Working principle
Using dual vibration motors as the excitation source, the motors do synchronous and reverse movement at the same time. After the material enters the screen box, due to the dual force of its own gravity and the motor's excitation force, the material does a straight jump on the screen surface, which meets the requirements The material can enter the next process, and the insulating sand that does not meet the specifications will go out from another outlet for other uses.

1. The use of linear sieving machine can remove impurities that do not meet the specifications and ensure the product quality of insulation sand.
2. Use linear vibrating screen to realize fully automatic operation, save time and improve production efficiency.
3. The screening equipment plays a connecting role in the entire thermal insulation mortar production line and is indispensable.

Applicable scope
It is not only used in the production line of thermal insulation sand, but also in various industries such as food, chemical industry and construction. Different industries use different materials for linear vibrating screens. If necessary, please contact us.

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