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Holland fertilizer carrier vibratory screener

1. How does the carrier vibratory screener works in the process of making fertilizer ?
A. Put several basic raw material and additives on the mixer according to different requirement, then conveyed by belt conveyor into feeder-making machine.
B. Put 93%-95% concentration vitriol into storage tank and add moderate ammonia then take the needed quantity and put it into the feeder-making machine.
C. The gas produced by ammonia and vitriol would enter into the fertilizer, then the fertilizer would unite into particles at the function of 70-80℃ temperature and steam. Those particles would be cold when conveyed by belt conveyor, then they would be dried in the dryer.
D. The dried material would be elevated into carrier vibratory screener and get suitable uniform fertilizer. The not uniform material would be crushed and put into feeder-making machine.

2. How about the significance of carrier vibratory screener ?
The fertilizer was used in soil after the farmers purchase it. If the fertilizer cannot be uniform, the little granule would thaw first and the large granule would thaw slowly, which would make the crop grow inconsistently. Besides, the redundant part of fertilizer would waste cost or injure the crop. So, the carrier vibratory screener would take the effect of separating them into consistent granule so that prevent the unqualified products.

3. How about the Holland client’s machine ?
The following is the structure chart of this Holland client’s carrier vibratory screener and real product picture.