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High frequency Vibrating Screen Used For Water-based Paint Filtration

Water-based paint, the viscosity of the product is relatively large, it needs to be filtered, and the filtration efficiency is high. The screen mesh usually used is about 80 mesh. The purpose of filtration is to sieve out the agglomerated particles produced during the preparation process. The 80 mesh is obtained by the screen test on the customer site.

For water-based paint, we generally recommend the use of our high-frequency vibrating screen or usual vibrating screen. Generally, a separate grid design is adopted, and a single-mesh double-hoop structure is used. It can be very easy to adjust the number of screen meshes or replace the screen. Take off the net frame conveniently and replace the screen.
By referring to previous cases, combined with the previous customer’s expected processing of 1t/h, it is recommended to use DYG-1200 high-frequency vibrating screen with a high-frequency vibrating screen motor with a speed of about 3000rpm. The screen vibration frequency is higher, making the viscous water The lacquer is easier to pass through the mesh to achieve the filtering purpose.

After the customer orders the equipment to use, our sales staff also remind the customer that due to the high viscosity of the material, the screen should be replaced in time according to the use situation during the use process to avoid blockage and damage of the mesh.
There are many types of vibrating screens. There are a variety of models to choose from for different types of coatings and screening requirements. The common ones are medium-frequency vibrating screens, high-frequency vibrating screens, etc., if you need them, you can contact our customer service and sales staff After communication, we will create the most suitable vibrating screen model for you.

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