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Discharge vibrating sieve

Product profile:
From the picture, we can see that the discharge vibrating sieve was a machine with simple structure. But we called it bottom delivery screen, discharge shaking screen and discharge spin-vibrating screen. Another thing need to be point is the discharge vibrating sieve adopt not the double motors, only a single horizontal motor. The movement track can be adjusted by the need in a high adaptation.

Work principle:
Discharge vibrating screen was adapted from spin-vibrating screen, with two same vibration motors installed on the two sides of screen body. As spin-vibrating screen, the eccentric hammer installed on the top and bottom of motor make three-D movement when the motor works, and act on the surface so as to screen the material. At the same time, the design of discharge mouth improve the speed and quality of the screening.
Major features:
1. Small volume, light weight, easy to adjust position.   
2. Less consumption, low noise.  
3. Simple structure, easy to dismantle and maintain.   
4. Fully enclosed, no spill when screen liquid material, no powder fly when screening powder. 5. Single layer and multi-layers design, suit for various need.
6. Continuous work in a whole day.
Application industries:
Discharge vibrating sieve is a new type and multipurpose vibrating screen. As the form of materials, the powders and the liquid materials can be screened by this machine. As the working type, this machine not can be used for screening but filtering. As the application industries, this machine can be used for food, chemical, medicine and metallurgical industry.