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Continuous vacuum feeding machine

 The continuous vacuum feeder is a mechanical equipment that can continuously operate and produce continuously, greatly increasing output. The equipment consists of a vacuum generator, filter, vacuum hopper, suction hose, cylinder switch speed regulating valve, discharge door, control box, etc. It is currently the most suitable equipment for conveying powder materials on the market. Its fully enclosed conveying eliminates dust pollution and at the same time avoids secondary contamination of materials through human contact. It maintains the characteristics of the materials to the greatest extent and improves cleanliness. The vacuum feeder can be used to directly feed materials into mixers, reactors, hoppers, tablet presses, packaging machines, vibrating screens, granulators, wet granulators, dry granulators and pulverizers, reducing Manual labor intensity.

  Working principle: When compressed air is supplied to the vacuum generator, the vacuum generator generates negative pressure to form a vacuum air flow. The material is sucked into the suction nozzle to form a material air flow, which reaches the silo of the feeding machine through the suction pipe. The filter completely separates the material from the air. When the material fills the silo, the controller will automatically cut off the air source, the vacuum generator will stop working, and the silo door will automatically open and the material will fall into the hopper of the equipment. At the same time, compressed air automatically cleans the filter through the pulse backflush valve. When the time is up or the material level sensor sends a loading signal, the loading machine will be automatically started.

Features of continuous vacuum feeder

1. Because it is transported through pipelines, it takes up little space and can complete powder transportation in small spaces, making the workspace beautiful and generous;

2. Air flow induction system to prevent sudden eruption of powder;

3. The system is economical and practical, simple to install and use - unlike expensive traditional large and complex pre-installed powder conveying systems;

4. Simple and lightweight, easy to move to the required location, no debugging required.

5. Especially not limited by long or short distance. At the same time, the vacuum loading machine can reduce manual labor intensity and improve work efficiency;

6. Various designs can be made for different materials, multiple vacuum source designs, and negative pressure workstations can be designed.

The continuous vacuum feeding machine can be widely used in a variety of dry powders, such as fumed silica, white carbon black, expanded mica and other powders in non-mining industries; acrylic resin, silicone resin and other organic powders; fine chemicals, The pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates production industry and the transportation of all light powders are widely used.

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