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Cellulose Rotary Vibrating Screen

Cellulose rotary vibrating screen generally adopts DY-1000-2S type stainless steel vibrating screen, diameter 1200mm, 2 layers three outlet. This screening equipment has the characteristics of large screening output and high screening efficiency.

DY-1000-2S is a screening equipment for cellulose sieving. The screen meshes are: 40 mesh (industrial use), 80 mesh (food use), 120 mesh (handicraft use).

Working principle
By adjusting the unbalanced weights on the upper and lower ends of the motor, the direction of the motor's movement is changed, thereby changing the motion state and trajectory of the material. Cellulose of different particles is discharged from different directions of the discharge port to complete the entire screening process.

Precautions for use
1.Cellulose is sticky and easily melts in water. Therefore, during use, always pay attention to the material blocking the screen. Make it a habit to clean the screen regularly. Clean the screen in time after each shift.
2.Each batch of cellulose has different moisture content. It may cause different sieving output. Sieve dry materials as much as possible, if there is a large output error, please contact the manufacturer.
3.The rotary vibrating screen motor is generally an oil-injection-free motor, and no oil-injection maintenance is required for the motor.

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