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Bulgaria cement rotating vibrtory separator

1. Raw material brief introduction
      As a major cementing material, cement is widely used in construction, water conservancy and national defense project. With the development of real estate, the need of paint become more and
more. The cement is the major component in paint, but the paint producer want the fine cement powder to ensure their paint quality.
2. How to get fine cement powder ?
    Xinxiang Dayong machinery is a professional rotary vibrating screen manufacturer and supplier, whose rotary vibrating screen has a high precision that could reach to 500 mesh. The rotary vibrating
screen made by Dayong Machinery could reach to 3 layers meet the client's requirement. After realized our products' distinctive features and property, at our recommendation, this Bulgaria client
choose our DY series rotary vibrating screen for their paint production line with two mesh size as 40 mesh and 120 mesh.
3. Final confirmation and manufacture of this machine.
    At the later communication, we knew he need a high capacity machine that could reach to 6 tons per hour for 40 mesh material, 2 tons per hour for 120 mesh material. According to his requirement, we
recommended the DY-1500-1s for him. After got his permission, our designer make a drawing soon and deliver it to our production department. Seven days later, this machine was been manufactured
completely. The following is this rotary vibrating screen picture.