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Broad Bean Screening Vibrating Sieve

Broad beans are large in size, and linear vibrating screens are mostly used for screening. This screening machine can separate broad beans of different specifications in broad beans. Generally, fresh broad beans just harvested need to be divided into three grades. The first layer is for the production of fried broad beans with larger particles; the middle layer is broken, small and not good in appearance, used for soybean paste; the bottom layer is small particles and powdered for crushing. Used as an additive in other foods. 304 material is mostly used, which is safe and practical and more in line with food safety principles. The characteristics of broad bean vibrating screen are:

1. The use of mechanical and electrical automation equipment instead of manual operations saves a large number of labor costs and reduces expenditures for workshop production.

2. The use of vibrating screen equipment has greatly improved the production efficiency, from the original output of several hundred kilograms per day to the current several hundred kilograms per hour, and the production efficiency has doubled.

3. The linear vibrating screen is easy to use. Compared with the original manual operation, it is checked by the screen and the sorting is more accurate. The use efficiency of broad beans of various specifications is fully improved.

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