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Betel Nut Special Linear Vibrating Screening Machine

The linear vibrating screen used for screening betel nut is different from ordinary screening equipment, and its screen adopts the perforated plate screen, due to the appearance and shape of betel nut. Use perforated plate screen, the screen will not deform after a period of use.

The sieved betel nut is packed and can be eaten directly. Therefore, the betel nut vibrating screen is made of all stainless steel, so the betel nut vibrating screen is also called all stainless steel vibrating screen.

The spring uses rubber springs instead of ordinary steel springs, and its elasticity and noise are better than ordinary springs.

The product has high screening accuracy, large processing capacity, simple structure, low energy consumption, low noise, long screen life, good sealing, no dust spillage, convenient maintenance, and can be used for automated operations in assembly line production.

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