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Application Of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen in Mineral Powder Classification

 As an additive in cosmetics and medicine, mineral powder has a very high value and has high requirements for materials. It is necessary to maintain the fineness and uniformity of the powder. This requires our ultrasonic vibration screening equipment to classify and remove impurities.

Ultrasonic vibrating screen, as a high-frequency fine screening equipment, is suitable for fine and difficult-to-screen materials, can increase the penetration rate, and has high screening efficiency and screening accuracy.

For the mineral powder with higher requirements, the customer chose all stainless steel 316 material, medical grade, fine grinding and internal and external polishing. Due to the extremely small throughput per hour, our smallest model: the model with a diameter of 600 can meet the production needs. Ultrasonic cleaning device is used for 80 mesh difficult screening, and bouncing ball cleaning device is used for easier screening of 20 mesh, 40 mesh and 60 mesh. According to the height of the 4th floor and the voltage of 220v single-phase electricity, the motor should be adjusted accordingly to increase the power and use a 0.75kw motor.

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