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Application Of Liquid Vibration Sieve In Juice Production

Juice production process: washing - selecting fruit - crushing - squeezing juice - filtering - concentration - blending - sterilization - packaging and other steps. Each step requires equipment for processing, and in the filtration step, the equipment used is a liquid vibro sieve, which mainly removes the residue from the squeezed juice.

Liquid vibration screens are generally used for impurity removal, single layer sieving machine, and the feed inlet adopts a edged design to prevent the slurry from splashing out during the working process. The large observation port is also helpful for observing the screen surface at any time.
The structure is relatively simple, fully enclosed, not liquid leakage, and the smallest filter can reach 5 microns. The screen is extremely fine and the accuracy is also high. The design of the discharge port is also reasonable, and it can be adjusted at 360 degrees. It is more suitable for use on the workshop production line.

The motor has low power and low noise, which meets the requirements of food production lines.

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