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American cement screw conveyor

1. What is cement conveying machine ?
With the development of society, the automation replace the manual labor gradually. So, the scrw conveyor, belt conveyor and elevator appears on the society. The cement was conveyed by screw conveyor from the inlet to mixer so as to mix the cement with other materials. It is no need to put the cement into a higher mixer by manual labor.
2. The advantages of scrw convyor
The screw conveyor improves the process efficicency and save the manual labor and financial resources.
The screw conveyor could feed the material uniformly with a constant speed for some specific need.
3. The client's specific requirement.
Raw material: Cement powder.
Capacity: 6t/h.
Machine Texture: Carbon steel.
Diameter of Pipe(Spiral): 200mm
Length of Pipe(Spiral): 3.4m
Height of Outlet: 1.2m